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Slots Devotion Taken To Another Level

One of the reasons why we founded Palasino in the first place is our devotion to slots. Yes, you heard us. And we’re not particularly talking live slots here, but online slots. Why then is that? Well, there are a few reasons for that, all of which we’ll get to in this short slots guide.

So if you are even half the slots enthusiast as we are, then you might do wisely in reading our guide for online slots.

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The varaiety
The variety of slots online far surpasses those of live slots. We’re talking a hundred-fold more slots options online … easily! Just like one wears different clothes of different colors depending on your mood on any given day, we also believe that slots cater to the same principle. Just because you love one type of slots on certain occasions, it doesn’t mean they will be the right choice at any given time. The problem with the thousands and thousands of different slots available online is the overall difficulty in attaining an organized perception of the slots on offer. Surely, there are numerous wonderful slots out there whose mere existence has passed you by in this information overload era.

This is why we have made the effort for you. Whenever you go to our website, www.palasino.com, you can easily see an organized list of all the different types of slots, so that you can find the perfect ones to your liking.

The speed
Sure, live slots are fast, no question about it. But however fast they are, they’re nothing compared to the slots online. Is Usain Bolt a fast runner? Sure, no doubt in the world about that – but does he really stand a chance against Superman? Exactly … the same principle applies to playing online.

If you’re like us, you want the full extent rush from playing slots. Any unnecessary and unjustifiable micro pause disturbs the wonderful flow and rhythm that you wish to enter. The seamless stream of non-seizing entertainment. The perfect and long-lasting portal to a fascinating alternative entertainment reality. Before becoming too philosophical here, let’s move on to the next one …

The bonuses
Now, we’re entering the real sweet spots of online slots and why we like them so much. If there is one major difference between live casinos and online casinos in Canada today it is bonuses. Live casinos are horrible at offering generous and competitive bonuses. If you’re a new player you may just forget all about it. And even if you’re a loyal regular, there’s no chance they’ll give you something unless you actively come asking for it hat-in-hand. Online, however, it’s a completely different story, and especially so when it comes to slots.

Online casinos especially love slots players. For that reason they are far more prone to giving slots players a nice and warm welcome in the shape of a bonus. They almost break their backs bending over for slots players to the very point of them offering special bonuses just for slots players alone. That’s slots devotion on a whole other level. Luckily for you, we share that slots devotion. And we let you in on it, too.