What Are Online Casino Welcome Bonuses?

In this short little guide we will discuss at length the meaning and structure of online casino welcome bonuses. We’ll also look into the best types of bonuses and what precisely they can do for you.

Over the years, welcome bonuses have popped up pretty much all over the internet. Canadian online gamblers are famous for being able to spot the best welcome bonuses around. This makes them feared by the casinos as it forces them to compete against each other in order to provide the most competitive welcome bonuses, thus eating well into their profit margins.

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So what then is a welcome bonus? A welcome bonus is a token of appreciation – a song of the siren – to make sure you as a customer choose a specific online casino over another. In fact, welcome bonuses eat well into the profit margins of any online casino. This is why they always come with a long series of strings attached to them. Terms and conditions, if you may.

Fundamentally, the more money they put at stake, the more they want in return for those welcome bonuses. What they want from you as a customer is two things.

Firstly, they want to introduce their games and make you acquainted with their software and products. The more you play, the more likely you are to become a loyal customer.

Secondly, they want you to turn over as much of your deposits as possible. The higher the welcome bonuses, the longer they’ll make sure you stay. This is to compensate for the risk casinos online take whenever offering 300 or 400 percent welcome bonuses that may be capped at C$5000 or C$10 000.

The lower the amounts at stake, the less prone they’ll be to try to keep you. Don’t get us wrong: they still want you around, but clearly, a player who deposits C$10 is only worth one hundredth of he who deposits C$1000. Hence they will apply themselves a hundred times more for the latter.

Regardless of the stakes you play, you should always be on the lookout for generous welcome bonuses. Together with cashback bonuses, welcome bonuses are the most lucrative options for you at online casinos. They are literally free money for you. On that note, it is important to not let those welcome bonuses take you for a spin. A 300 or 400 percent welcome bonus – one that pays C$600 or C$800 for your C$200 deposit – might take some time to clear. Only go for those big, shiny ones if you intend on continuing even after your first or even second deposits are lost. Those types of welcome bonuses are only relevant for loyal customers. If not, they might quickly turn into expensive endeavors to chase down.

If you play for lower stakes, the circumstances of the welcome bonuses … as in the terms and conditions … tend to be far more lax. If you play for really low stakes, then you might find a lot of value and pleasure in the no deposit welcome bonuses. Those welcome bonuses come with literally no strings attached. You blow that money and you owe nobody nothing.

Nuff’ said!